Intestinal Valves : Ileocaecal and Houston


The ileocaecal (also known as the ‘great mimicker’) and houston valves have a crucial job to maintain homeostasis ie stability in the intestinal environment. The fact that they can both malfunction,  is sadly a very misunderstood condition in the Western World.  The ileocaecal value prevents the backflow of faecal contents with all its toxic waste products, from the colon to the small intestine. The houston valve is the sphincter located between the transverse and descending sections of the large intestine (colon) and it prevents decaying faecal matter from backing up into the transverse colon.

Symptoms when valves malfunction

As with parasitic infection and leaky gut syndrome for example, mainstream medical professionals,  invariably misdiagnose the ileocaecal and houston syndromes,  which can be the cause of many serious illnesses.  An open ileocaecal valve allows the backwash of toxins from the colon into the small intestine where they are absorbed.  This is a perfect, acidic environment for bacteria and parasites to thrive so it needs dealing with early on before this happens.  If the ileocaecal valve is open, the body goes into a state of autointoxication, literally self-poisoning, and many symptoms can manifest as follows (and more).

Headaches Migraine Abdominal Pain Pallor
‘Flu’ Symptoms Bloating Shoulder Pain Nausea
Dizziness ‘Gritty’ Eyes Carpal Tunnel Candida
Faintness Depression Palpitations Oedema
Allergies Chest Pain Bowel Problem Tinnitus
Indigestion Body Odour Pain in Right Hip Fatigue
Anxiety Catarrh Skin Problems Lethargy
Sudden thirst Nervous Disability Sugar Cravings Sudden Low Back Pain
General Aches/Pains Dark Circles Under Eyes Blood Sugar Imbalance Feeling Hungover and acidic
Mouth Ulcers Neck Stiffness Bad Breath  

Contributing factors that can cause malfunction of valves

The valves are prone to stress of every kind and there are many factors that contribute to ileocaecal and houston valve dysfunction such as:

  • emotional stress
  • sudden shock
  • stomach viruses
  • structural misalignment
  • poor diet
  • eating chaotically and at the wrong times
  • excess sugar
  • lack of exercise
  • too many stimulants ie alcohol
  • food allergies
  • disturbance of intestinal flora
  • ignoring the urge to evacuate the bowel.

Other possible reasons for malfunction

Ironically too much of a raw food diet can cause valve problems as well.  Some people also report that when they do deep liver or bowel cleansing using herbs and supplements  that the valves can get out of balance again.  Certainly this happened when I had too many colonic cleanses when I was very ill with M.E., as my body was not stable or resilient enough to cope with any kind of physical shock.  The same thing also happened to one client of mine who undertook  powerful emotional healing treatments relating to her psycho-sexual abuse issues as the day or so after she would find her body reacting with a valve dysfunction.  It’s ok to do healing and cleanses if that feels right but it’s soul destroying to feel so acidic and unwell post treatments,  the more so if you don’t realise it is simply the valves reacting to the stress and shock.

In this respect,  the valves are linked to letting go of the past and so when I was releasing my old life in the UK with everything it represented, they tended to keep malfunctioning especially during the last few weeks as I packed up my house and said goodbyes. I needed to repeat an affirmation saying ‘I easily release and let go of the old and welcome the new into my life’.   Symbolically, if we are confronted with ‘shit’ in our lives such as when we are facing deep issues like the lady above, our bowel and valves are likely to be affected.  We need to distinguish between what we sift and allow into our lives,  ie to be able to make a choice between the pure and the impure.

I became an expert at seeing first hand,  just how my physical body reacted with stress of any kind,  whether this was in a physical form,  like too much sugar,  alcohol or over-eating,  pushing myself to do things I didn’t want to (which included endless body cleanses), or re-triggering old emotional and traumatic memories suppressed in the body.  Regardless of how alkaline and ‘pure’ the diet, when the ileocaecal valve isn’t functioning properly,  the body is flooded with faecal and toxic waste that should be being excreted.  Symbolically, you do literally feel like ‘shit’ and apart from the physical suffering,  in such an acidic environment, you find yourself swinging from one extreme emotional state to another,  as nothing is very stable.

Within all of this, I had to seriously address a very deep seated and compulsive part of me,  that continued to sabotage my healing because a wounded part of me believed I was still ‘unclean’ and infested with UFOs (unwanted foreign organisms).  At a much deeper level I didn’t feel I deserved much and this had to be addressed.  I was convinced that I still had M.E. and so with this identification, I drew more illness back to by the unhealthy choices I made.  In actual fact, because of my illness mindset, ironically I was the one ‘blasting’ down my defence barriers,  whether this was through colonics wiping out my good gut flora or endless cleanses and therapy treatments causing a shock to my intestinal valves.  I was the one, whose self belief focussed on toxicity and all things negative,  instead of having self love and realising that I truly deserved to be well and happy.

Thankfully over the years (as a master saboteur and slow learner!), after maybe eight times of my valves dysfunctioning,   I learnt to recognise the symptoms quickly, rather than staying ill and out of balance for weeks on end, assuming I was both mentally instable and with incurable M.E.   Armed with this awareness,   I would ring my kinesiologist and in just a few minutes,  by physically manipulating my leg and stomach area, she was able to return one or both valves back to their normal functioning state.

This always fascinated me,  as quite literally overnight,  the majority of my physical and emotional symptoms would disappear.  I would feel ‘light’ and free instead of heavy and sluggish all in a matter of hours.  This is why I suggest getting this area checked rather than spending months on special restricted diets of all kinds trying to ascertain allergies and intolerances. At the very same time, I finally ‘clocked’ it that I was entirely recovered from M.E.

I have no doubt that it was my negative thoughts after years of identification with illness symptoms and through the law of attraction, that kept creating a vicious circle of pain.  Reverse Therapy seem to say the same thing when they suggest their methods for chaging the ‘HeadMind’ focus back to ‘BodyMind’ wisdom.  I did a great deal of work of myself to clear these self limiting counter intentions making it my business to constantly reframe my thoughts from:  ‘I am still sick’ to ‘I now choose to get fit again’ or ‘everyday I my body is improving’. And more importantly I learnt to love and take care of my body with fun things like dancing, pilates, massage, good sex and horse riding.

Please do take up my advice and get your valves checked. I first had a reflexologist tell me about my valves some twelve years ago but it was only about two years ago, that I fully grasped the implications of the symptoms and body acidity they cause when not functioning properly.  It is so easy for this to go unnoticed, especially under cover of an illness like M.E. or other digestive illnesses which have so many similar symptoms.  That’s why it is called the ‘great mimicker’ for good reason.

A friend of mine had her valves malfunctioning for years and because she wasn’t sick with a specific illness, she just resigned herself to accept the symptoms as part of growing old.  It didn’t surprise me on a symbolic level as well,  because she had a vicious inner critic and low expectations.  In such scenarios I know only too well, we can all too readily accept ‘shitty’ circumstances externally and internally, as par for the course.

Tips for Valve maintenance

A few simple tips to support the valves are as follows.  Press in the web of your thumbs on each hand two or three times a day  as a way of life.  If the valves are struggling or malfunctioning,  you will find this area tight and often very sore.  Stretch out the muscles in the back of your legs. Do exercise to strengthen the body generally. Take one teaspoon of linseeds to support the digestive system and make sure you hydrate your body, drinking plenty of filtered water daily.

Eliminate food allergies, intolerances or sensitivities as these stress the body a great deal. Eat a clean, healthy, organic diet and ideally don’t drink much if anything with meals as this dilutes the digestive juices.  Try to combine foods and eat at regular times,  ideally not after 8pm in the evening when digestive processes slow down.   And finally of course, deep breathe and find ways to rest and ideally meditate,  to help balance any stressful situations in your life.

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